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Serah Singh Wiki

Serah Singh is an Indian film actress, who mark her debut with the latest flick “Yaariyan”. The amazing quality in her is that, she seems to resemble like young Kareena Kapoor. She is feeling very happy for getting the chance to work with such a talented director Divya Khosla. This is an alarm to all Bollywood hotties to be strong enough to handle this beauty.


The fresh young face of bollywood, Serah Singh is 19 years old and hails from New Delhi. She looks very sweet and knows how to make fun on the set by doing pranks with her friends and colleagues. The actress revealed that she wants to be a Hrithik’s “Yaariyan” and said, “I have always loved Hrithik and I love him even more after Krrish 3. He is my biggest crush and he will always remain my biggest crush.”

Serah Singh

Personal Profile

Name : Serah Singh
Date of birth : 1994
Age : 19 years
Residence : New Delhi
Birth Place : London, United Kingdom
Height : 5’4″ approx.
Occupation : Model and Actress
First/Debut movie : Yaariyan
Years active : 2013-present


The model and actress Serah Singh is currently not dating anyone. She is very much concentrating towards her acting career.

Jenny in Yaariyan

Serah Singh is the new meaning to the word glamour. She has done a great job with her character Jenny in the movie Yaariyan. Yaariyan is a college based romance adventure. The story is about five friends who are exploring the best moments of their lives in college, experiencing different relationships and learning new values every day. Serah plays her role effortlessly and her character Jenny is a high class-rich Indian girl. She touched heart with her simple yet powerful performance.

In ABCD song

ABCD is a song from the movie Yaariyan, sung by rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh. Serah said, “Honey Singh is really very good and he has robbed my heart once again. Divyaji has picturised the song perfectly and her direction is wonderful and she has given her audience a great song and music that can cater to youth. I enjoyed the song and hope people will love it.”



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